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NewDeal Office - Shareware Edition

NewDeal Office - Shareware Edition is a word processor and file management suite, specifically designed for shareware distribution. It is ideal for value conscious consumers who want a full-featured desktop publisher which will run on virtually any computer with at least a 286 level processor. NewDeal Office - Shareware Edition contains:
  • NewWrite - a complete word processor with true WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) display and printing
  • NewManager - a simple, yet powerful file and disk manager
  • Preferences - choose your background and font size, install printer drivers, set the time, and configure the software as you wish
  • Scrapbook - organize your clip art and store everything from scraps of text to full pages of your documents in Scrapbook
  • Text File Editor - edit text files of any size, find and replace, and more

NewDeal Office - Shareware Edition offers speed and great performance on any PC with little resident memory. Try it! Download now!

This file is shareware. You may give shareware copies of NewDeal Office - Shareware Edition to other individuals, which they may use and copy subject to the terms of the NewDeal Shareware License Agreement.

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Updates for owners of NewDeal Office 2.5

  • - a 256 color video driver
  • - a patch to enable NewDeal Office 2.5 to run on computers with more than 32mb of RAM
  • - this help file is missing in NewDeal Office 2.5
  • - an updated NewDex to correct problems with mail merge
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  • - Marcus Groeber's help file viewer. Put it in World, then double click on help files.

DOS Utilities

  • Piclab 1.83, a public domain image processing program by LeeDaniel Crocker and the Stone Soup Group
  • - Adobe Acrobat for DOS, a public domain program for viewing Acrobat documents
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